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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a philosopher and Jesuit priest put it best when he said, " We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Reincarnation is the method by which we learn and grow karmically. We choose to come to Earth and inhabit a body for lessons we need to learn.
We've all heard the terms "bad karma" and "good karma" (of which by the way there is no such thing), but exactly what is karma and how does it affect reincarnation?  The law of karma teaches that we are solely responsible for our actions, and that for every action we cause to occur, there will follow another action, directly produced by ours, which will have an accomplished or unaccomplished outcome, according to the cause.
Say, for instance, you perceive that another person has wronged you and you willfully speak or act in a way that hurts that person. You may initially experience happiness or satisfaction at your success in hurting the other person for wronging you, then later you may feel guilt or regret, or even fear of retaliation. That would be unaccomplished karma.  Actually attacking others is really only attacking yourself.
Conversely, let's say that you see a person in need (could even be the person who wronged you) and you lovingly reach out either emotionally or physically to provide comfort, causing that person to be joyful. That's accomp lished karma.
Even though there is no such thing as "bad karma," it is necessary for growth that we experience the emotions which we caused others to feel —negative or positive emotions.  That is one way we grow spiritually. No one is ever punished with hellfire and brimstone.  Our creator is perfect love and could never be vengeful.
Your actions whether accomplished or unaccomplished will result directly in more or fewer reincarnations  
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Your learning on Earth is coordinated with the souls with whom you reincarnate. Everyone has a core Soul Group composed of about 8 to 10 souls who reincarnate together in different relationships in order to work through specific issues. Your mother in this life may have been your sister, aunt, or even husband in another life.  Genders and relationships change according to your needed lesson. It's the natural order for some members of your soul group to advance faster, and you might advance to another group while still maintaining ties with your core Group.
Why then, you may ask, are we born not knowing what we should be learning or who our soul mates are? How do we keep from adding more karmic debts on top of the ones we already owe? Better yet, how come we don't know about our past lives when we're born?  Let's look at those questions one by one.

Why are we born not knowing what we should be learning?

The memories of all your past lives are in your superconscious mind, there for you to tap into any time you like . Sometimes that happens spontaneously.  Have you ever been strongly drawn to a certain part of the world? Do past events or people like the sinking of the Titanic or Attila the Hun give you a strangely familiar feeling?  Certain kinds of food ?  Have some people you met seemed earlier familiar or have you instantly disliked some people ? Even though there are methods by which you can recall past lives we're born with a kind of amnesia in order for us to figure out the karmic goals on our own. Past Life Regression Therapy is an excellent way to learn about those goals.


How do we keep from adding more karmic debts on top of the ones we already owe?

Practice forgiveness.
Meditation and Past Life Regression Therapy are great ways to keep on track.
Trusting the gut instincts you feel in certain situations.

How come we don't know about our past lives when we're born?

Often we do. There have been documented cases of very young children talking about people and places where they lived in past lives.
One 2 year old boy in India was insistent that he didn't belong in the home of his parents, wanting instead to return to his own home, to his wife and brothers.  He said he had a bread store. He even described the house and store.  The parents put him in the car and followed his directions.  Soon they arrived at a bread store the boy could not have known about.  He ran to a woman he said was his wife and greeted three grown men whom he said were his brothers.  The parents discovered that the woman's husband – the men's brothers had been hit in the head and murdered two years earlier, shortly before the toddler was born. The boy also had a birth mark on the back of his head which matched with the death blow of the baker.
There are many things that get in the way of our discovering what lessons need to be learned and overcome in our current lives. We live in a phenomenal age of technology. We have cellular phones, computers,  television, computer games, and other electronic entertainment equipment. We seem to stay busy all the time, rarely taking time out to bypass our egos and get in touch with our inner true self.
Our egos are terrible teachers of karma because they don't want us to pay attention to our superconscious mind. They want us living only in the here and now.  Our egos want us to dismiss past lives as fantasy and to explain away our strong feelings of reincarnation. But our reality is, we're here for learning and we've been here many times before.
To quote from A Course In Miracles , "The ego does not love you.  It is unaware of what you really are and wholly mistrustful of everything it perceives because its perceptions are always shifting.  The ego is therefore capable of suspiciousness at best and viciousness at worst."
We have all failed and we have all succeeded in past lives.  The very fact that we're here is proof that we are still working hard.  It's common for people to be hesitant about wanting to know their past lives because they might discover they did murder, or other violent crime. They're fearful of actually reliving the physical pain of their past deaths. In Past Life Regression, this fear can be done away with withdrawing from the emotional component to watch the life like a movie.
Past life trauma can sometimes carry over into subsequent incarnations with physical symptoms such as pain or birth marks. A man who sought help through past life regression had a large red birthmark on his stomach that irritated him and would sometimes bleed.  During regression therapy he discovered that he'd lived a life as a temple architect in ancient Egypt, creating a mansion for the pharaoh.  The pharaoh's cousin who ascribed to delusions of grandeur was put in charge and in order to look good in the Pharaoh's eyes, ordered the architect to change his blueprints. The man refused to do so and humiliated the cousin in public. That night, the architect was stabbed in the stomach by the pharaoh's cousin and died painfully.  The client's birthmark corresponded to the place on the stomach where the architect had been stabbed and so discovered through the regression that he still argued with superiors because of stubborn pride.
Another client, a middle aged woman came in because of terrible headaches in her right temple.  Her doctors couldn't find an organic cause for them and referred her to the psychotherapist. She was a single aggressive business woman with few friends who felt dominated by her male peers and stifled in her job.  She was unhappy and in pain.  During regression, she discovered that she'd been a crooked male lawyer in the 1800's who abused women physically and mentally.  When one of his crooked deals was discovered and he faced bankruptcy and jail time, he shot himself in the right temple.  The woman carried over that pain into a life where she'd agreed to receive the same abusive treatment she'd doled out.
Unexplained phobias can also manifest from past life trauma. One man was terrified of driving over bridges.  His regression disclosed that he had had a heart attack while walking over a bridge in the 1600's and lay there dying painfully. 
Phobias can also be caused from events in our current lives.  Dr. Brian Weiss, a noted psychotherapist entered into his career as a past life regressionist when a woman named Catherine came into his life.  She had many phobias which were explored with past life regression over a period of five years. One of her fears was of swallowing pills because she was afraid she would choke and die.  One regression showed her that while under anesthesia during throat surgery to remove some benign vocal cord polyps, she had clearly heard the surgeon say, "don't extubate her now, the swelling in her throat might choke her."  That statement had lodged in her subconscious as a phobia until Dr. Weiss helped her accept it for what it was. 
One of my clients, a wonderful happy lady who runs her own computer software business works long hours at the career she loves.  Her regression took her to a European farmhouse in the 1600's where she was one of many children who toiled in the wheat fields and she had to cook large meals for the family. She expressed disgust and disdain at the physical labor, feeling she wanted better than that.  She ran away from home to the Duke's castle where she was hired as a scullery maid.  Again, finding herself in a working position, she decided to leave and stole jewelry from the Duchess.  But she was caught, thrown in the dungeon and subsequently beheaded.  While we were discussing the correlation of the regression to her current life, she slapped her knee and said, "By golly I learned how to work!"
Past life regressions can show you what you truly believe. Even though you may have convinced yourself to go through life thinking one thing, you may in fact actually believe the opposite which could be undermining your forward progress in this lifetime.  Those beliefs may have been formed in this lifetime or carried over from the past.  Regression therapy is a good way to discover underlying beliefs.
Past life regression not only explores previous incarnations ; it takes the client through their physical death and into the gateway of the spirit realm.  Here, they meet their spirit guide or teachers and have the opportunity to gain knowledge and advice about that life. 
There is nothing to be fearful of in a Past Life Regression.  Our fears are created in this ego-driven body.  Spirit is eternal and every Soul is treated with all encompassing love and compassion.  To explore past lives can be healing and enlightening.  Getting a glimpse into that realm makes a profound and lasting impression.
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